Texas Two Step! ($22 Value)

$14.00 On Sale

Our Limited Edition Body Bars make a short appearance this spring! Inspired by spring cleaning choose your set!

👋💛 “HELLO YELLOW”Yellow Jasmine and yellow daisy is a romantic fresh start!
💛”Yellow Label” is bright, creamy, yet super classically clean!
Notes of May rose, jasmine. smooth touch of vanilla and musk

💜💜” Violet Label” is elegant and irresistible!
Notes of Crushed violet, and sandalwood enjoy a dance with warmed vanilla!
💜”Amethyst Label” is a soft, warm, clean!
Notes of lily of the valley against a warm background of warm sandalwood, amber and cashmere.

🩵🩵 “Teal label ” is so super fresh, so majestically clean. Notes of crisp fresh Irish tweed and juniper.
💚 JADE is crisp, and smooth!
Notes of Australian sandalwood, cedar, white santal, amber, and musk
If you like santal, clean, crisp, woodsy scents this is your bar!