Have Cake! (5 piece set, $59 value)

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❤️Your set contains Panty Cakes and Limitless Lemon Panty Cakes! These 100% natural, luscious daily personal hygiene delights are designed for topical application of all your delicate areas! Panty Cakes is Ph balanced, contains natural antiyeast, antibacterial, antifungal properties to effectively combat external unpleasantries caused by yeast and bacteria! Perfect after hair removal. Keeps you fresh all day! Smells like cake!

It’s Southern Hospitality!

❤️ Panty Cakes Personal Care Body Bar formula is unique! It is designed with your entire body in mind! Our rich, luxurious milk, honey, and butter body bars are composed of organic oatmeal, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, shea, cocoa, kokum butter, moroccan argon oil, goats milk, & aloe vera!

It’s extraordinary care for everywhere!

❤️Our 1.5 oz “Daily Delights” X 2 are guaranteed to bring love and light into your space for up to 12 hours! Perfect for sparking the mood, choosing new auras, or just have a little love!

Enhance your space daily with love!

This set is perfect for exploring many delightful ways to elevate your personal care routine!

Please allow 12 business days for your order to arrive!