Panty Cakes 2oz, 1oz, & .5oz ($119 Value)

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Panty Cakes is a 100% natural, non toxic, chemical free elixir. This luscious personal hygiene delight is designed for topical application of all your delicate areas!
Contains natural antiyeast, antibacterial, antifungal properties to effectively combat irritation and possible unpleasantries caused by yeast and bacteria! Perfect after hair removal. Ph balanced! Leaves you feeling instantly fresh & clean.

Ingredients: USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil. Trade Secret Elixir. Only 4 ingredients.

Directions: After bath, apply a few drops in your palm as if it were lotion. Cover all intimate areas! Everything your intimate garments may cover(bra, panties, socks), apply Panty Cakes first! Try it head to toe, front to back, top to bottom! When used daily as directed will keep you fresh 210 days!

If/when needed apply a few more drops!

Enjoy daily!

Elixir temperature is important! If solid, hold under warm water.

This 2.0oz refill will fill the 1.0oz twice or the 0.5oz twice!

Cruelty free, fair trade, gluten free, organic ingredients.

This 2.0oz refill size will allow you to refill your small bottle 4 times, or your large
bottle twice! $105 Value!

Cruelty free. Fair trade. Gluten free. organic ingredients.

Made fresh in small batches! Expires 12 months from the date of purchase!

Please allow up to 12 business days for orders to arrive!