A personal care enhancer born from love, emotions, and a physical connection. Panty Cakes is a super unique formula originally created as a natural remedy for intimate irritation caused by yeast or bacteria in women. Panty Cakes is also known to soothe and heal chaffing in men.

Coincidentally, we discovered it maintains the ph of skin in the intimate area and in turn, keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day! This special formula has now evolved into this extraordinary, luscious daily hygiene regime that generates personal re-assurance in women, men, boys and girls alike. It gives a boost of extra confidence to the sensual, sophisticated, athletic, and all who are savvy in regards to personal hygiene!

Safe to enjoy everyday. Leaves you fresh, clean, and smells like cake!


This trade secret elixer is non-toxic & contains fair trade, organic, gluten free ingredients.


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