Panty Cakes My Aura “Cake Please”($57value)

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Your set is composed of

🧁limited edition,
30ml Eau De Parfum “Pink”
Ethereal floral notes of pink lily blossom and pink jasmine petals are balanced with sweet notes of sugar and warm amber that envelop a comforting embrace accompanied by sensual pink musk and creamy vanilla. Extremely Addictive!

🧁 1.5 oz “Daily Delight” is guaranteed to bring love and light into your space for up to 12 hours! Perfect for sparking the mood, choosing new auras, or just have a little love!

🧁 1oz Panty Cakes! This 100% natural, luscious daily personal hygiene delight is designed for topical application of all your delicate areas! Panty Cakes is Ph balanced, contains natural anti yeast, antibacterial, anti fungal properties to effectively combat external unpleasantries caused by yeast and bacteria! Perfect after hair removal. Keeps you fresh all day!
Smells like cake!

It’s Southern Hospitality!